Exciting Attractions at Morse Mill Park in Hillsboro, Missouri

Treat yourself to the great attractions Morse Hill Parks has to offer. Its convenient location adjacent to House Springs on the famous Big River within Hillsboro, Missouri, allows you to access old mill as well as dam with a clear view of the rapid flowing water falling squarely on the rocks. The Jefferson County Business Association advises swimmers to take advantage of amenities the park has to offer, including the park itself and the beach, which are convenient locations for launching inner tubes, canoes, and similar modes of transportation in readiness for a float trip that is about 11 miles to a final destination at Cedar Hill Park. You are guaranteed to enjoy life as you have a magical experience to share with friends and family when you finally leave the attraction.


If you are an avid fisher, then you might just have the best moment of your life. Here, anglers and fishers have an opportunity to showcase their prowess in the trade. From small mouth bass to catfish and even crappie, there is no limit to what you could find exciting at Morse Mill Park. If you are enthusiastic about game fish, then this is the place to be. You may also try primitive camping while at it, as the park permits several activities. The Big River can’t wait for you to show up and demonstrate the angling skills you’ve been bragging to your friends about. You can spend your afternoon here with family and friends as you learn about different angling skills that work for each one of you. It is also a great place to improve your angling skills while having mad fun.

Old Mill Dam

If you do not enjoy angling and fishing activities like the rest of your friends or family, there are other exciting activities to undertake at the park. Don’t worry, not everyone finds fishing exciting. The Jefferson County Business Association affirms that the water shooting through the popular and magnificent Old Mill Dam provides beautiful scenery for you to watch. You can stand there and watch or record nature’s beauty using your DSLR camera or smartphone. This is the best way to document where you’ve been or what you’ve seen. This is also the place to go canoeing with your friends and compete toward Cedar Hill Park. Take the opportunity to brag about your canoeing skills while demonstrating to your friends how good you are. You could also bring your inner tube and float all the way down while having fun on your 11-mile journey.

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